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Vanessa Fowler, patient advocate, speaker and RN Consultant spoke at a rally in Vancouver, February 26, 2022.
Vanessa Fowler is the founder of Nightingale Patient Care Advocacy:


Interview with Kevin Sclater, a family physician in practice for 30 years. Recorded February 24, 2022, Vancouver, Canada.

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Interview with Mark Rhodes R.N. discussing his career in emergency, dialysis and senior care, and the impacts of government mandates on his life.


B.C. health-care workers are taking the province to court to fight COVID-19 vaccine mandate. How has the government gotten away with eroding the medical freedom of Canadians over the past two years?

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Agata has worked as a nurse on many wards, including the covid ward. She gave this interview at a rally outside Global News in Burnaby BC, on March 26, 2022.

B.C. gov't to spend $12 million to attract foreign nurses while firing thousands due to vax mandates

'We have people who are ready, willing, educated, have the skills, that could immediately show up for work tomorrow,' said Corinne Mori, a terminated RN who used to work in B.C.’s interior until the no-jab-no-pay policy kicked her to the curb.

By Drea Humphrey | April 29, 2022 | News Analysis

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