BC Nurses Challenge Unjustified Mandates


As several legal challenges are in process through the BC Courts, BC Nurses will also hold the BC Nurses' Union to account.  BCNU has intentionally prolonged the process for fair representation of its nurses resulting in the public experiencing compromised healthcare and even death due to critical nursing shortages.


We are BC nurses who believe in Patient Autonomy, Freedom of Choice, Informed Consent Without Coercion and Privacy in all medical decisions. We come from all areas of our province, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, employed and terminated; but with the same common purpose...we oppose the Public Health Order Mandates and the overreaching authoritarian measures instituted by our BC Government.

Thousands of nurses, along with other sectors of healthcare, have been impacted by the Provincial Health Officer’s decision to mandate full vaccination for health care workers in this Province. We are highly educated and trained, experienced and knowledgeable, and committed to protecting our population.  Medical evidence confirms that vaccination has not stopped transmission or infection. The continued enforcement of mandatory vaccination has resulted in healthcare professionals not being allowed to return to work resulting in critical staffing shortages.  Every day there are new reports of hospital units and ER's being closed due to no staff.  Our BC healthcare system has been completely compromised.


Our plan has pivoted.  We were in process of filing a petition to challenge the basis of how the Provincial Health Order mandates were brought into power.  Before we were able to complete this legal action, another healthcare group took on this same challenge.  Hsiang, Morgan and Vandergugten vs Bonnie Henry and the Attorney General which will be heard in the BC Supreme Court starting November 28, 2022.  As a result, BC nurses will take on another issue...holding the BC Nurses' Union accountable.

As the BC Government continues to enforce mandatory Covid vaccination, we have now become the only province in Canada to do so.  BC nurses are legally bound to our union for employment representation and BCNU, since last August, has been intentionally prolonging the grievance process as the public suffers from lack of healthcare resources.  Nurses are leaving BC and moving to other provinces for employment.  Our healthcare system cannot function with such a loss of qualified nurses, and yet, BCNU refuses to identify, acknowledge or protect its own members.  Instead, as the Collective Agreement has expired, BCNU has informed us that their priority is bargaining for increased wages.  BCNU has stated they are too busy dealing with critical nursing shortages to represent the terminated nurses. We will now file a complaint against BCNU to the BC Labor Board for failure of duty in fair representation.

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